Hi, I’m so excited your here!

My name is Amanda. Welcome to my simple little life.

Writing is my outlet. It grounds me. So, I decided to start a blog where I can write about some of my favorite things.

A bit more about me:

  • Puns are my weakness
  • My soul is that of a 65-70 year old woman trapped in a 30 year old body
  • Twinkle lights, candles, Starbucks, pumpkin spice – I’m as “basic” as it gets
  • If there was an award for overanalyzing – I would win every year
  • My son is my world
  • Running gives me life – I don’t run fast and I can’t run far but when I run I am a much better person
  • My biggest obstacle in life is trying to be comfortable with who I am
  • I love a good glass of red wine now and then (see below)
  • Striving for perfection is my pitfall
  • Outside of writing, it’s hard for me to open up to people
  • I’m an Account Manager for a Marketing Agency
  • Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio

If you want to know more about me you can either invite me out for a glass of red wine or check out some of my blog posts!